Business Benefits of Outsourcing in the Philippines

Posted by on May 18, 2012 in content-post

Business Benefits of Outsourcing in the Philippines

Since the IT outsourcing trend has kept ringing almost every businessman’s ears, more and more companies all over the world are engaging on it. The effects of hiring a third party firm to do business functions have given an impact to the success of the business.

Most of these countless of outsourcing firms emerging are mainly from China, India and the Philippines. These countries are the top three outsourcing providers in the world.

Despite China and India tops the most number of outsourcing companies, the Philippines is not left behind in providing excellent services to its clients. The Philippines has now become the favourite destination to outsource a business service.  Here’s why:

  • Efficient Marketing Service

We know India and China are not known for English-speaking countries.  The Philippines is better than any country in Asia for having good English speakers. It is a nation that has good English-speaking citizens. Much more with the professionals, college graduates who are fluent in English both written and spoken.

So it is not difficult to do writing tasks that concerns Internet marketing such as Web content and Press Releases writing. This skill is even more applied through communication with the Western clients in English, such as those jobs of virtual assistants.

  • Cuts Down Operation Expenses

Philippines’ cost of living is low since it’s a developing country, even lower than other countries in Asia.  Thus, the labour cost is also low.  Since this is the case, the employees’ compensation of the outsourcing firms in the Philippines is lower compared to other countries.  Therefore, companies who need marketing services prefer to hire outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

Once they hire a low-labour-cost outsourcing firm, a company hiring the service would cut down the expenses in its operation.  This is cost-efficient compared to hiring direct employees form within the company.

These two benefits are sure to be on their way for a company’s success should it hire one.  While more and more outsourcing firms arise, more and more businesses of all sizes are hopping in to the trend.