Gain Huge Profits, Outsource in the Philippines

Posted by on July 2, 2013 in content-post

Gain Huge Profits, Outsource in the Philippines

The Philippines is gaining a steadily stable pace versus India and China in Business Process Outsourcing sectors. As more and more international companies outsource their businesses to the Philippines, it only takes a matter of time before it stands alongside India as the leader in the global BPO market. And among the major players in the industry is Outsourcing Questionnaire.

What factors persuade companies to venture into Philippine Outsourcing?

– Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world, providing higher quality of linguistic capabilities compared to their Chinese and Indian counterparts hence,easily breaking the communication barrier that other countries are still trying to breakdown.

– The Philippines produces an estimated number of almost 500,000 college graduates per year that reaches an average of 94% literacy rate.A score considered to be the highest in the world. Totaling to a very large work force, the country has the capability to provide top quality workmanship and professionalism.

– Close cultural ties with the West is also one of the main factors that subject the Philippines to a growing affection of the West to outsource here in our country. Having been under the regime of Spain and America before, Filipinos have adopted a majority of their culture and are exposed to how the westerners run their business. This is a basic factor that entices their attention and they have concluded that outsourcing in the Philippines can help in maximizing their productivity.

– Philippine outsourcing gained high approval and support, hence making it big in the industry since their debut; also, the country allows an open economy which openly concedes to business and trade. Philippines is also strategically situated in the Central Part of Asia and in fact called one of the of Asian Tigers, giving foreign trade and businesses only a few flying hours from major cities in the territory and is a good entry point to the Asia-Pacific.

– Noted as one of the most affordable in the world, telecommunications, electricity, and other utilities are about 50% percent cheaper compared to US and European countries that greatly reflect to low labor cost.

With so many unparalleled benefits found in Philippine outsourcing firms, it’s no longer a wonder on why more and more business owners from around the world take advantage of these benefits. Avail of the advantages today, visit Outsourcing Questionnaire.